How doypack packaging is made

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How doypack packaging is made

One of the most popular forms of packaging is the doypack. Unlike flat foil, it literally “stands on its feet” – it doesn’t tip over on the table after opening, and it remains stable during use. How is it made? We present our newest pride and joy, the doypack …… machine at Sipospack’s factory in Sóskút!

To pack a product in a doypack, you need a really big hall, because the packaging machine you will need is 16 metres long.

The easiest way to understand how the machine works is to break down its operation into parts. The process starts with the roll of flat film being stretched on the machine. This foil has already been printed on another machine, with the logo and other information of the product, on our flexo or digital (hp indigo 20000) printing machine. Alternatively, this foil was laminated, i.e. the foils with different structures were glued together. You have already seen a film about the so-called sandwich structure on SiposTv.

The film is then transferred to a slitting machine, where it is also laser-perforated. This promotes easier disassembly when the pack is placed in the user’s hand.

The film goes through the machine so that one side of the film is the back of the pouch, such as the taplred, which opens up when the product is inserted. The other side shows the front of the pouch, with the name of the product. The foil goes around while the doypack is being perforated – a feature of the doypack pouch with a tamper-evident seal.

The machine Hudson-Sharp ares 400 then folds the foil in half at the edges, so that the front side is drawn out, while folding the back side behind it. The miracle happens in the middle of the machine!

The “zip”, or smoothing seal, is then inserted between the front and back sides, which then allows the film to be unwrapped and unwrapped again. The base itself can be curved, forty-five degrees, bottom welded or anvilless, as the customer prefers. The pouch is in its final form.

In the final stage, the pouch can be fitted with a euro tab, a design that allows the pouch to be stored either hanging or not. There is also only one type of bag: perforated or with euro-ears. It is also optional, but it is up to the end of the pouch to decide what the edge should be, whether all four can be rounded.

Why scissors?

Sipospack Ltd. also supplies doypack packs with tear-assist tabs. While other pouches have a scissors icon showing where to cut to make the reclosability functional, this solution will have a perforated laser cut along which you just tear the pack. Would you try it? Look for the tear strip on the packaging and open it in one go!

No need to worry, the packaging won’t fall out because it will stand on its own feet!

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