Digital printing

Thanks to our special HP Indigo 20000 printing machine which is unique in Hungary, we can easily and quickly provide digital printing services to our customers.


Thanks to digital printing technology, there is no need to create a printing form, as printing is done using a digitally generated PDF file. This allows our clients to ask for unlimited graphic modifications.

Sipospack digital printing company provides flexible planning and implementation to our partners.

Low-volume printing allows product owners to enter the market very quickly and easily, because our partners can easily present their products at exhibitions or other promotional events.

Instead of labeling

Instead of self-adhesive labeling, it is advised to choose digitally printed packaging, because doing so you can save much time and energy. Based on feedback from their customers, our clients can ask for a tailor-made appearance for their packaging and they can change its look anytime for a perfect result. Even in this, we guarantee quick delivery and short response time for our customers.

Smart packaging

When we create smart packaging with QR, Spotify or TikTok codes, we mainly use digital technology, which allows us to produce the desired product packaging even in small serial numbers and in many variations if needed.

Environmentally friendly

When it comes to digital printing, our clients have the opportunity to choose from recyclable and degradable packaging materials. Following the trends, we offer our partners a complex solution for both industrial and home compostable packaging. Degradable packaging materials we sell are of biological origin and also biodegradable.

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