Production of plastic bags


Custom plastic bag production in a variety of sizes and shapes!

With our extensive machine park, we can produce countless types of bags for you.


  • Cut-welded or vacuum-welded cushion bags, side-folded or crotch bags, hose bags, skirt-welded bags.
  • On request with headboard, EU hanging handles, streaked or even ZIP closure.
  • Made of monomeric or multilayer laminated raw materials, according to the needs of a wide variety of food and technical articles.
  • In unprinted or printed form.
  • It is also environmentally friendly, i.e. it can be composted or recycled.
  • With digital printing technology, even in smaller series.

Cut-welded cushion bags

Vacuum-welded cushion bags

Side-folded or crotch bags

Welded bags

Skirt-welded bags

Doypack bags

Headboarded bags

Bags with EU hanging handles

Bags with adhesive strip

Bags with ZIP closure