Our customized packaging solutions can be made with three different perforation technologies.

We use perforations primarily to preserve the quality of fresh food and to facilitate the opening of the packaging.


  • Microperforation
  • Macroperforation
  • Laser perforation


During microperforation, the film is perforated with 1 mm holes five times per square centimeter. The packaging which is prepared like this provides adequate ventilation while maintaining the temperature and freshness of the product.

We recommend it primarily for packaging fresh goods, from bakery products to fresh vegetables and fruits. Up to 1600 mm wide.


In the case of macroperforation, holes 5-8mm in diameter are placed on the foil to protect the packaged product from external influences and at the same time to ventilate it properly.

Macroperforated packaging is mainly recommended for fresh vegetables and fruits. Up to a maximum width of 1300 mm.

Laser perforation

With engineering precision we are capable of creating patterns or row punching. The high-speed four-head punch laser can be used from any diameter of 50 microns to any custom size.

Recommended for ‘Easy open’ and other creative perforation solutions. Up to a maximum width of 1700 mm.