Thanks to our innovation, our individual packaging can be made in a sustainable way. By producing our recyclable, homogeneous products, we support the diversion and recyclability of packaging materials. Recyclable packaging
Degradable packaging materials:
Our unique packaging solutions are not only special to look at.
We offer our partners a complex solution for both industrially and home-compostable PLA and cellophane packaging. Degradable packaging


Sipospack Kft. Is a 100% Hungarian-owned family business founded in 1996.

With our wholesale strategy, we focus on printing houses, packaging manufacturers and large industrial end users, primarily in the food industry.

Our company is the largest domestic distributor of Taghleef Industries, which is one of the world's leading BOPP film manufacturers. As a wholesaler, we sell approximately 4,000 tons of film per year, while as a family business we strive to serve you in a friendly and professional manner.


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Tailor-made packaging, plastic bag production, perforation, packaging design. Degradable PLA, and recyclable homogeneous solutions.


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