Distribution of raw materials


We work with world-class suppliers to provide unique packaging solutions.

We have been present in the domestic packaging industry for decades, we sell 4,000 tons of film per year to printing houses, packaging material manufacturers, and large industrial end users.


Our quality assurance systems: BRC, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 1996

We are the exclusive distributor in Hungary

BOPP films

UV light tolerant, chemical and abrasion resistant, smooth surface packaging material. Sold in 15-48µm thickness. Our BOPP suppliers are Taghleef, Flex films, and Alupol films.

Other films

Polyester films

Good resistance to cold and heat, high UV light tolerance. Recommended for food packaging.

Cast PP films

Recommended for the decorative packaging of flowers, cosmetics or other products. They are also suitable for lamination and metal steaming.

Polyethylene films

Recommend for storing and transporting food products. Resistant to alkalis and acids at room temperature, no harmful substances are dissolved in it.


Highly durable, fully recyclable packaging material. We recommend it primarily for replacing disposable plastic packaging.


Sipospack-controlled quality foil for securing goods on pallets.