Serving boxes

Unique serving boxes created with digital printing are also available for Sipospack customers!


Corrugated boards and various display boxes are both excellent serving and marketing tools for a business.

It provides advertising space

Besides the offered products in it, a serving box itself is clearly visible for customers and partners, who thus can get a good first impression of us. These boxes are great for making products tempting and they fit the company’s image. We can place our company logo or a preview of the product on them, and we can use them as an element of any promotional campaign.

It makes us different in the market

Serving boxes are usually given a separate place inside stores, so they don’t end up on one of the shelves that are already full of products, where a consumer’s attention can easily be distracted by other goods. Serving boxes give us a frame and highlight our product, attracting the attention of customers, thus radiating high quality and confidence.

Environmentally friendly

The simplest serving and storage boxes end up in the trash immediately after opening, or in some cases they are recycled quickly. But the best way to protect the environment would be to keep these boxes in use for as long as possible, so we can leave a smaller ecological footprint behind us. Not to mention that the box will remain an active advertising space for our product and business even during this time.

Think outside a “square box”

When we hear the word “box”, most of us think of square shapes. But not only are these classic shapes available to our partners. The geometry of these serving boxes are limited by only your imagination. There are plenty of creative solutions that can have an even greater impact on your customers’ selection process.

Available in small quantities

Not only flexible packaging, but also serving boxes can be ordered in small quantities, making flexible planning possible. There may be several variations of them so that you can better customize products in different areas of the market, thus increasing customer experience and competitive advantage.

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