Why is it a good choice to choose a pillow sachet pouch?

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Why is it a good choice to choose a pillow sachet pouch?

One of the most commonly used forms of packaging is the pillow sachet pouch. It is a simple, extremely cost-effective and reliable packaging method.

How did the pillow sachet pouch get its name? Think of it as a pillowcase. In the manufacturing process, the foil is folded in two and welded from the bottom to the top, which becomes the side edge of the bag. Once the product is placed in the bag, the top of the bag can be carefully sealed to guarantee a long shelf life of the product. The pouches can be sealed with a special aroma seal made by Sipospack Ltd. from a laminated material with a so-called metal vapour structure, which allows the product to retain its fresh aroma. On request, the pouches can also be ordered in a footed, tamper-evident and reclosable version.

The advertising value of pillow sachet pouches

Sipospack Ltd. offers two specialities for pillow sachet pouches. It does not change the shape, but offers printing flexibility for the packaging surface. This means that, thanks to digital printing technology, it can be printed in smaller quantities and with a greater variety of graphics. Thanks to our HP Indigo 20000, unique in Hungary , digital printing has become easier for brand owners, and Sipospack Ltd. can even help with the design. Pillow sachet pouches are available in small and medium sizes on demand, and thanks to the SIPOS Design packaging design service, product packaging design is also available. It is the industry trend, the target consumer group and the message you want to convey that counts. Naturally, Sipospack Ltd. also uses the flexo technique for larger quantities.

Is the pillow sachet pouch recyclable?

In the production of packaging, it is not the shape that determines whether it is recyclable or not. In all cases, the environmental performance of the packaging depends on the material from which it is made. 100% recyclable PP (polypropylene) or biodegradable PLA and cellophane are often the packaging materials of choice as consumers are increasingly conscious of the need to find environmentally friendly solutions. Environmentally friendly pillow sachet pouches can therefore give our partners a competitive edge in the marketplace and help them to easily compete with products sold in less environmentally friendly packaging.

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