We can thank Louis Doyen for the Doypack packaging mode

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We can thank Louis Doyen for the Doypack packaging mode

One can choose transparent or golden type with a bronze shimmer. It can be printed with a flexo process or with a unique pattern in a digital printing press. One of the most popular forms of packaging: Doypack, but whose idea was it?

Doypack packaging is mostly chosen for food, it can be muesli, coffee, tea, snacks… In fact, there are many products that need safe storage, to be protected from light or air, moisture. Who can we thank for Doypack? The product was developed by the French Louis Doyen in the 1960s. The most popular feature of Doypack packaging is that it stays on its feet and does not fall over. Why? It has a special design that forms a sole part at the bottom of the packaging.

It can be opened and closed easily

Another important feature of the Doypack packaging is that it has a zipper and a smooth seal, so if the entire contents are not used at once, it can be resealed airtight.

What is its raw material?

Doypack packaging is created from different foils. They are associated with the so-called consolidation process. The raw material is mostly plastic foil, but they can also be aluminum, and in many cases paper today. If knowing the exact kind of food or other type of product to be stored in it can help to pick most appropriate mixture of the aforesaid packaging content options. During the production process it can be made in two or even three layers. Sipospack Kft. also produces very special ones, for example, unisex polypropylene the biggest advantage of which is that it is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

+ 1 extra

Doypack bags can be supplied with the so-called “Sipos easyopen™” function, this allows the user to open it with one movement without scissors. This convenience solution is very popular, more and more people prefer this type of packagings.

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