The story of “Ceres Snail”

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The story of “Ceres Snail”

In packaging technology, there is nothing impossible about putting a comic book style cartoon strip on the product and giving customers an extra experience. A closer look at the Ceres Snail packaging: the adventures of Professor Snail.

It is not news to market players that the expectations of packaging are increasing. Especially when it comes to food. Packaging should protect the product, be as environmentally friendly as possible, be recyclable and meet the highest food safety standards. If it is made with green energy, it is even more attractive. In addition to this, the aesthetic and promotional factor is also getting important: the customer should notice it in the shop, put it in his basket and, if possible, remember the brand that is on it. As many analysts have pointed out, we live in an age where information is so overwhelming that it is almost an art to see the point. New innovation and ideas are needed in packaging technology. This time, Sipospack Ltd., in collaboration with Ceres Ltd., has come up with a comic book style cartoon packaging for the Snails for the Sirha exhibition.

Four products, three flavours

Ceres Snail comes in a pack of four products, of which you can choose from three flavours. Cocoa, plum sweet and pizza savoury. Each of the three packs has a different storyline, so whichever one you take home, you’ll want to know what happens next. The packaging is made of polypropylene, a homogenous material that is easy to recycle. By producing our single-use products, we promote the recycling and recyclability of packaging materials. This reduces our environmental impact and our ecological footprint. At the same time, this packaging has a high gas barrier and strong vapour barrier properties, while being chlorine-free.

Digital printing has made possible custom graphics and a wide spectrum of colours. Sipospack Ltd. uses HP Indigo printing and its own graphic designer to help realise different designs. In the case of the snails, the graphic designer worked from a pdf file, with no constraints on the realisation. In fact! There is even a QR code on the product, which can be scanned to get more information.

Naturalism and ecological consciousness

For the Ceres Snail, the matt finish was chosen. Matt surfaces are less reflective to light, giving the products a softer, more subdued look. This works particularly well for the premium category, where the aim is to exude luxury and exclusivity. Matt packaging is also often associated with naturalness and eco-consciousness, which makes it attractive to brands that are looking for sustainability.


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