Sipos Doypack packaging in Africa

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Sipos Doypack packaging in Africa

They asked Sipospack Ltd. to produce a valve coffee packaging with a unique design – for export. The coffee packaging was made for Africa. What packaging features were important to the customer? Read our article to find out.

Coffee is one of the most sensitive foods, which is why it needs special packaging for storage. It is important that the packaging has aroma-barrier properties, protecting the coffee from light and moisture. At the same time, it must be easy to open and close.

When the customer approached Sipospack Ltd. with special packaging requirements, Doypack packaging was the first choice. However, it was also important that the pouch should be equipped with the Sipos easyopen™ function, i.e. it could be opened in one movement without the need for scissors.

It is also a convenience for users, with the perforated part of the pouch easy to open and close.

Illustrative graphic elements

The packs are differentiated not only by their technical features but also by their unique design. It is therefore very important how the product is “dressed”, what graphic elements, messages and fonts are used to attract the attention of the customer.

There is no limit to the imagination, the company’s digital printing plant can economically exploit the visual wishes of customers with a wide range of colours, even in small series, with unique, variable graphics. With the HP Indigo 20000 printer, there is no graphic element or colour combination that a customer cannot request.

Unique texture, artistic execution

The final design was ultimately a joint effort between the client and the company, and the end result is a visual with artistic value that is sure to pique the curiosity of customers. In fact, the coffee will not be placed in the bottom of the cupboard, but in a visible place, because it has aesthetic value.

However, the diversity of packaging has meant that this type of material use is not recyclable because it is not made from a single material. In return, it has a metallic sheen and a unique texture.

But there’s no need to label it, all the important information is printed on both sides of the material.

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