Recyclable packaging for tea?

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Recyclable packaging for tea?

There are several food products whose quality depends to a large extent on the packaging. This includes various teas, as the storage of aromatic herbs is particularly important. Packaging helps to preserve the texture and aroma of the product, while at the same time drawing the attention of the consumer. What does Sipospack Ltd offer in this area?

Wide choice, personalised product offer – this could be the slogan of Sipospack Ltd, but in fact it is only part of the reality. For the company, food packaging is not a major challenge, although the rules are much stricter for these products. Beyond the regulations, there are the customer’s wishes, which are adapted to the characteristics of the food, in this case tea. Tea grass is known to be an aromatic plant, so its storage is particularly important, both on the shelves of shops and then at home.

Recyclable packaging

Tea with leaves and fibre is a favourite with many people, as it is one of the most valuable parts of the tea leaf. The taste of the tea can vary from brew to brew, no matter how it is stored and packaged after picking, and no matter how we take care to preserve its quality. In addition to storing our tea at room temperature, away from direct heat and sunlight, we should also take care with the packaging. This is important both as a seller and as a buyer. Sipospack Ltd. recommends Doypack packaging for fibre teas, whether small or large quantities. The material is recyclable and environmentally friendly, as it is made of a single material, polypropylene. The company promotes the recycling of packaging materials by producing single-use products.

Packaging that can be resealed with a single movement?

As far as packaging is concerned, it is important for the customer to be able to open and even close it easily. That’s why the tear-off feature prepared with laser perforation is not just a convenience on the packaging! It allows you to open the pouch in which you store your tea in one easy movement, without the need for scissors. The zip design makes it easy to open or close the pack. The latter is particularly important for teas. The Sipos easyopen™ function is an innovation that makes it easier to open the pouch without scissors, Doypack pouches can be printed, which is a particularly good solution instead of labelling. Prints and graphics on the packaging not only have great advertising value, but can also enhance the image of the company. QR codes on packaging are now very popular, and this can be used to provide additional information, directing the customer to the webshop or the company’s online platform.

For filter tea lovers

For filter teas, the tea grass is also packaged in portioned sachets. Recyclable packaging is also an important aspect in this case and can be achieved in a natural way. However, in addition to the large unit, the individual filters can also have an advertising value! Within the box, each filter can be presented in a different packaging: with a unique text and a unique graphic element.

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