Puddings in a light and aroma sealing pouch

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Puddings in a light and aroma sealing pouch

Most foods need special packaging. This is the case for powdered puddings. Until it is used by the consumer, it must retain its colour, consistency and excellent quality. Choosing the right packaging adds extra value.

Food packaging is part of the broad portfolio of Sipospack Ltd. The wide range of products is also reflected in this area, the customer can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. The manufacturer is bound by the food industry regulations and takes into account the challenges of the times: to minimise energy consumption, to minimise environmental impact. The packaging of the protein pudding is similar to other products. The pudding should retain its physical characteristics: colour, texture, smell, while at the same time presenting an attractive appearance that will attract the attention of the consumer.

Protein pudding wrapped in polypropylene?

The most suitable packaging for protein pudding is the Doypack packaging from Sipospack Ltd. The pouch is made of recyclable material, which means it is environmentally friendly. The recycling of polypropylene, a homogeneous material, is now completely natural.

Printable surface, aroma sealing content

The advantage of Doypack packaging is that it offers a relatively large surface area for advertising. The company’s industrial park includes flexo printing – which is really economical in large quantities with clichés – and the latest digital printing press, which can economically exploit customers’ visual wishes in smaller runs with unique, variable graphics. Avoiding labelling, which hurts reusability. For protein pudding, it is important that the package is aroma and light-tight, with no moisture getting inside. Once again, Doypack
packaging does just that.

The Luxoya product is finished in gold, comes in Doypack packaging, but is non-recyclable and does not have the Sipos easyopen™ function

Open it without scissors, in one movement?

Customer demand is only growing. Nowadays, packaging must be easy to open and, if necessary, resealable. What is the solution? A tear-relief feature prepared by laser perforation, which is not just a convenience on the packaging! It allows you to open the pouch in which you bought the protein pudding in one easy movement, without the need for scissors. The Sipos easyopen™ feature is an innovation that makes it easy to open the pouch without any tools.

Golden luxury: Luxoya

Sipospack Ltd. has dressed the Luxoya brand fibre complex puddings in gold. Tailored to the manufacturer’s needs, Luxoya’s innovative dietary supplement, the pudding in four flavours, has been given a truly special packaging. The product helps to ensure a healthy diet with a lifestyle change programme. The glossy gold packaging, like the rose gold packaging before it, has been experimented with to create a shine, a special effect and a feeling of luxury for the customers.


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