Event packaging – Easter

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Event packaging – Easter

The packaging can be permanent or unique. Major festive periods are a great opportunity to give products a new look and make them stand out on the shelves.

Is it worth choosing different packaging for your product occasionally? Can we work with a unique design? Is it possible to print in small batches? Can we do all this economically? The answer is definitely yes!

Whether it’s food or anything else, whatever shop you enter, you’ll find a wealth of choice all around you. But research shows that even brand loyal consumers will be impressed by new packaging, a nice look, a cheerful or even seasonal graphic. After all, the holidays are all about moving away from the ordinary and making a difference! Decorate your home, put different food on the table. Sipospack Ltd. has been quick to recognise customer needs and sees unique, event-tailored packagingas a great marketing tool. Recommend it to your partners!

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by Sipos Design ®!

The team of Sipospack Ltd. is open to all ideas, even for custom packaging. The graphic designer will turn your idea into reality, and with the special printing technology, there is no obstacle to create packaging for your products, even in small series. Thanks to the HP Indigo 20000, unique in Hungary, digital printing has become easier for brand owners, with smaller quantities and greater graphic variety, with a focus on the holidays. This year, Ceres Ltd’s savoury spun calabash has been given three different wraps, designed for the company by Sipospack Ltd. In preparation for the holiday, three folk traditions are featured on the foil: barking, spinning and forking.

Customers can not only take home a delicious loaf of bread, but also find extra information and Easter-related curiosities on the foil. The loaf is only available at Penny Market.

Stand on your feet!

Partners can choose from a variety of packaging formats. One of the most popular forms of packaging is the Sipos DoyPPack®, which can be made from recyclable polypropylene material. Customers love it because they don’t have to put the contents in a serving dish, and the packaging can also be a decoration on the festive table because of its unique design. One such product is the Demeter chocolate spring bunny jam from Sipospack Ltd.

The Sipos easyopen™ feature on the pack is an innovation that makes opening the pouch so easy that it’s a quick gesture, nothing more! The scissor-free opening enhances the customer experience, while at the same time the product can be re-closed. Pouches without laser perforation are more of a nuisance today, so it’s worth considering this revolutionary innovation. As with all other materials, Sipos DoyPPack® can be customised with a unique graphic.

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