Custom developments for specific needs

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Custom developments for specific needs

In the portfolio of Sipospack Ltd., developments that aim to serve the specific needs of partners are playing an increasingly important role. The homogeneous, polypropylene packaging is an excellent choice for liquid products such as oils and soy sauces – as it is particularly well sealable. But that’s not all!

The storage of food products is subject to much stricter rules than general packaging. Sipospack Ltd. makes some of its packaging from PP – polypropylene, a homogeneous material, which it offers to its partners. What are the advantages?

It meets the properties of the material it contains!

This packaging has high gas barrier and strong vapour barrier properties, while being chlorine-free. Excellent for storing liquids: excellent choice for spice oils, oils, soy sauces.

It is also recommended for dry products, salty snacks, various coated seeds, salty nuts, the food retains its quality, no change in consistency. The PP packaging is well sealed. Reclosability is also an important aspect when storing coffee and spices. There are different types of pouches to choose from, depending on the product: a Doypack with a tamper-evident seal or a side seal, or even a back-sealed one.

And that’s not all! Available in two or three layers – depending on the need. The packaging can be transparent, windowed or opaque (non-windowed), with a matt or glossy outer layer.


The PP polypropylene material is homogeneous and can be recycled to the maximum! By producing our homogeneous products, the company supports the recycling of packaging materials. This reduces our environmental impact and our ecological footprint.

Available in several designs

Sipospack Ltd. can offer the packaging material in printed flat film, but also in roll form on automatic packaging machines, in the diameter required by the partner and with the parameters they want.
Available as a non-printed or printed version.

Roll of wrapping plastic stretch film on white background. Vector illustration

Comes with advertising value

In addition to high volume foil printing, there is also the possibility to print in small batches, but economically. The design of the packaging and the information on it is very important. Avoid labelling as it is a separate operation to apply the label to the outside, which takes extra time, and on the other hand it adds another type of material to the packaging, which makes recycling more difficult or impossible.

Digital printing technology can provide different graphic elements, a wide range of colours. Sipospack Ltd. uses the HP Indigo printer and its own graphic designer to help realise the various designs.

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