What does back welding mean?

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What does back welding mean?

Many techniques are used in packaging technology, including Sipospack Ltd. One of these is so-called back welding. When should this be used?

When you want to make a strong pouch, the best option is to choose back welding. In this case, the two ends of the foil are folded on top of each other, a tube is welded, with a longitudinal back weld. This process is also known as hose reinforcement. The same solution is often chosen for sidewall bags. A side slit occurs when the pouch looks small but opens up to a large mouth. So you can fit a lot of things: coffee, sweets, candies. Typically, the back welding is visible on the back, indicating that the size will change.

Our own production
Sipospack Ltd. has a back welding machine in its machine park. The foil is applied in rolls, from which the machine first forms the side folds. Then the machine folds the whole thing and welds it lengthwise. Later, the material runs like a tube through the machine, welds the ends and cuts it to the set size.

Can it carry advertising?
Back-sealed pouches can be unprinted, but you can also ask for them to be printed: with text, with a picture. For small quantities, digital printing is the best choice, for larger quantities flexo is more economical. Can special requests be made towards the company? This is more than possible, both in terms of printing and choice of materials. For the latter, fully recyclable film is popular.

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