5+1 arguments in favor of Doypack packaging

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5+1 arguments in favor of Doypack packaging

Why is Doypack the most popular packaging method? We will present our most important arguments for it.

1. Easy to open

The tear relief function prepared with laser perforation is not just a convenient solution on the packaging. This enables opening the bag with a single movement, without scissors. With the zipper design, the package can be easily opened or closed. The Sipos easyopen™ function is an innovation that makes it easy to open the bag even without scissors.

2. It can be recycled

In the event Doypack packaging is made from homogeneous material, polypropylene then it is fully recyclebar and is environmentally friendly. Sipospack Kft. supports the circulation and recyclability of packaging materials by producing same-sex products.

3. You can make it more attractive

Individual prints and graphic solutions on the packaging not only have great advertising value, but they can also increase the company’s image. Digital printing can be ordered in small quantities (3,000 pieces) which can give unique graphics to the company’s Doypack product.

4. Available in glossy or matte finish

Available in glossy or matte finish. The matte surface reflects the light in a more restrained way, which gives a softer and reserved appearance to the product. Matte packaging is often associated with naturalness and ecological awareness, which makes it attractive to sustainability-minded brands. The glossy finish works particularly well in the premium category where the goal is to radiate luxury and exclusivity. The customers of Sipospack Kft. can even think about special colors, silver or the popular rose gold can also be chosen, moreover, in reusable form, “DoyPPack” design.

5. It is produced with green energy

Sipospack Kft. uses electricity generated by solar panels during production which is an important aspect from the point of view of environmental protection and cost-effectiveness. Environmentally friendly packaging is made from renewable energy, it is recyclable and degradable.

+1 argument

The product portfolio of Sipospack Kft. has been expanded with additional packaging options. The company now also offers Snack Bag®, Sachet®, Side Gusset® and Paper® formats…

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