What makes the packaging popular?

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What makes the packaging popular?

A large percentage of consumer decisions are influenced by the way a product is packaged and wrapped. In addition to aesthetic factors such as colour, text and design, practicality, whether the packaging is easy to open and whether it represents environmentally conscious values, are also important. We have put together a list of things to consider before making a decision which packaging to choose for your product.

The product that sells itself
One of the most important marketing tools is a product whose packaging helps to sell it. The presence of a unique brand name or logo on the packaging is just one aspect, the fully developed design is the real influencing factor. Sipospack Ltd. is committed to designing the image elements of the product, taking into account both the customer’s and the and market expectations. The technical background of our company ensures that the unique HP Indigo 20000 machine in our homeland can be ready in a short time, and that we are able to deliver a small number of individual orders as well.

It’s the convenience features that count!
An important consideration for people when shopping is that the packaging should not be an annoyance, but rather that it is functional and helps the product to be used.

Still most of the packaging  can only be opened with a tool and they may not be able to be closed. A Sipospack Ltd. has introduced a new technique from 1 January: laser perforation on request for its pouches. The Sipos easyopen™ feature is an innovation that makes it so much easier to open the pouch; it’s so easy that all you need is a quick gesture and nothing else! This gives the customer a unique consumption experience, so much so that the next time they shop, they will be consciously looking to see if the packaging has this solution.

Advantages of the transparent, windowed solution
In the food industry, food safety is the primary concern, but in addition to that, the product needs to stand out and if it is attractive, it is good to show it – either visually or through smells. Bread, as an everyday staple food, requires special packaging. The best-known packaging for bakery products is the transparent, windowed solution, where the where the customer can see the product and the product can ventilate- which also helps to preserve the texture of the product, and to attract the customer with its smell. Technically, this is also achieved by microperforation. The process involves perforating the film with 1mm holes, i.e. perforating it five times per square centimetre. The resulting packaging is suitable for ventilation, while maintaining the temperature and freshness of the product, not only not only for bakery products but also for fresh vegetables.

Standing on your own two feet
Quality and price are the two most important factors when buying. Packaging can support both. How? Quality is not just about the packaging material: whether it holds its shape, how attractive it is, what information it carries, but also how well it protects the product inside. And the price of the product is influenced by the size of the packaging and how long it can be used. The larger the package, the more favourable price it has, but in this case it is important that the package can be re-closed. e. In households, it is also important how much space is taken up. A stable stand on its feet packaging such as DOYPACK have become deservedly popular in recent times. In cupboards they fit into less space than the plastic box ones, not to mention that they are recyclable.

Serving individual requests
Still popular in our service, we know no limits when it comes to custom pouch production. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, and our machinery is available in countless pouch types. The most popular type in the clothing industry is still the one with the adhesive strip, in which T-shirts, shirts, etc. are clearly visible, and the product is sealed by this simple and easy-to-use technical solution.

One hundred percent paper?
New to the range is “Sipos paper”, made from natural paper, which is environmentally friendly, recyclable and heat-sealable, so it meets all requirements. The so-called ‘flexible packaging paper’ is made from virgin fibre pulp and it is heat-sealable – it has an oxygen and mineral oil barrier. Thanks to this, it can be used for primary packaging, as it meets the most stringent food safety requirements.

How will it be displayed in the shop?
When packaging, you also need to think about how visible the product will be in stores. So-called bags with EU hanging handles are fitted with a hanging tab during production, which will allow the product to be hung on a rack. This is an added bonus on the sales floor. This will give you an extra opportunity to place the product in a clearly visible place and to vertically display in a way that means less damage and more separation.


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