What is the marketing value of individual packaging?

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What is the marketing value of individual packaging?

Although environmental awareness is driving more and more people to look for larger packaging, we shouldn’t forget about the individual packs! Even the smallest unit packs have a lot of power when it comes to advertising, as individual packaging carries unique information. What’s more, they are always displayed in the most visible places on shop shelves and in petrol stations, so everyone is tempted to take at least one!

Individual packaging is part of the portfolio of most food brands, as the social habits open to small quantities mean that it also has many advantages. Which ones? We can take it with us without any deterioration, it is protected while we travel, the weight is not a problem, the small size means we can eat it quickly and we don’t have to repack it. The benefits of individual packaging are also well known in marketing, where each product has its own advertising value, as long as we can see it in front of us, it gives us complete information and once we have opened it and consumed the contents, we purchase it. No more half a bag with half a half of the text visible, or a damaged hanger on the shelf. At the same time, it is already worth thinking about recycling!

Taking advantage of digital printing

Packaging, especially for small batch products or when the text is printed on each item, is very important. In this case, the most important thing is to take advantage of digital printing. This unique printing technology can provide a variety of graphic elements, a wide spectrum of colours, a variety of packaging for the slices. With the HP Indigo printer and in-house graphic designer, Sipospack Ltd. can help you achieve a variety of designs, whether it’s a chocolate bar for one of the largest airlines or a snack someone pulls out of their gym bag after an exhausting workout.

Paper or plastic?

The most delicate thing you ever wanted to pack well is food. What should or shouldn’t cover a muesli or protein bar is as much up to the customer as it is to the company providing the packaging and the technical background. The digital printer can be filled with recyclable polypropylene film, which is also important from an environmental point of view. With digital technology, all you need is a design in pdf format. The customer just has to send the design to the printer by e-mail or upload it to a server, where it will be printed with the support of a graphic designer.
One hundred percent paper packaging is also the perfect choice. It’s also environmentally friendly and recyclable, while being heat-sealable, so it meets all other requirements.Sipos paper” is made from virgin fibre pulp and is heat-sealable – it has oxygen and mineral oil barrier properties. This makes it suitable for use as primary packaging, as it meets the most stringent food safety requirements. Its excellent properties make it behave in the same way on the production line as other materials. Good printability – either flexo or short-run with digital printing, size adaptable, flexible for sliced packaging. Its structure is stable, does not crack or tear, bends easily, and is flexible. Contains no optical brightener.

Same size,different design!

A company’s product portfolio may be typical of a company that produces the same size of, say, chocolate or granola or granola bars, but wants different packaging because of the different flavours. Again, digital printing will be the solution, as graphic changes, even at the level of text or colour, are easy to implement and affordable.  Digital printing is also capable of providing legible information on the product, whether it be a list of ingredients, net quantity, best-before date or place of origin, in the most important or mandatory elements.

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