Solar energy creates recyclable packaging

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Solar energy creates recyclable packaging

Sipospack Ltd. has been using the sun’s energy since 2015, when it installed solar panels on the roof of the company. The installed system produces fifty kilowatts of solar energy per day.

In larger industrial plants, a lot of machinery needs to be powered and this has a significant power consumption impact. This is also the case for Sipospack Ltd., which is why it was one of the first companies to think of installing a solar panel system to make its operations more efficient. By using the electricity generated by solar panels, you can reduce your costs and green energy is also important from an environmental point of view. Renewable energy is used to make eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable.
“In 2015, Sipospack Ltd. asked us to build their solar panel system,” recalls Orsolya Beleznai, marketing manager of Wagner Solar Hungária Ltd. – “What we offered at that time – the Solarer Inverter – was an extra smart system. We added optimisers to it, so it could harness more solar energy than a standard system. The system is more secure than before, with accurate data on each solar panel, showing how much energy each one is producing.  It has a longer warranty period, five years compared to twelve years for other systems.”
For daytime production, it is recommended to set up

In Sipospack Ltd’s working schedule, the machines consume power during the day, so they can use the electricity generated by the solar panels immediately and do not have to rely on the electricity grid during working hours. It is now clear that solar panels provide almost 40% of the company’s annual energy consumption, a very good result. In the manufacturing plant, a lot of energy is needed to run the machines, and it is important that it comes from renewable sources. The system can be expanded, and this will be necessary in the near future, as the company’s premises and production hall in Soskút will be expanded – the solar park is expected to quadruple in size.
At today’s energy prices, such an investment will return in 2-3 years, much faster than in the past, when it took ten years. Under current regulations, solar systems can only be used to replace your own consumption. In practice, this means that the energy produced by solar panels but not used cannot be fed back into the grid. It can only and exclusively be used to replace consumption. To achieve this, backwatts protection is needed, where the inverter adjusts the output of the solar panels to the consumption being replaced. While Sipospack Ltd. installed 250 watt solar panels in 2015 and needed 200, the other site in Herceghalom, a few years later, was already using 450 kw solar panels and needed 127. That’s how much technology has changed in a few years.

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