Sipospack Ltd wins a Sustainability Award!

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Sipospack Ltd wins a Sustainability Award!

Trade magazine has launched the fourth edition of the Symbol of Sustainability competition. This year, 18 entries were received in the five categories of the competition. Among the winners is Sipospack Ltd.


The aim of the Sustainability Symbol competition is to give publicity each year to companies and their proposals that contribute to a more sustainable future. The Symbol of Sustainability competition recognises companies and projects that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, supporting the fight against climate change, increasing the number of circular economy operators, combating food waste and improving waste management efficiency – including the large-scale use of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

A képen Sipos Balázs átveszi a fenntarthatósági díjat.

Entries in the five categories were assessed online by a large professional jury after a pre-screening process, and then in person in a second round. This year, for the first time, applicants could also enter a separate CSR category. Those projects that achieved 70% of the maximum available points were awarded the Symbol of Sustainability Award. This year’s winners received their certificates of recognition and special prizes from the jury at the Business Days 2023 conference on 27 September 2023 at the Hunguest Hotel Pelion in Tapolca, and from now on they can use the Symbol of Sustainability 2023 protected trademark.

Átadják a fenntarthatósági díjat a Sipospack Kftnek

Sipospack Ltd also won the Symbol of Sustainability award in the product category for its Sipos DoyPPack recyclable packaging. What’s more, these packages are made with energy from the sun. Made from renewable energy, the eco-friendly packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.


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