New to the range: rose gold packaging

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New to the range: rose gold packaging

The company’s customers can now choose not only silver but also the very fashionable rose gold colour in the special metallic packaging! And in reusable form, in the popular DoyPPack finish.

Rose gold, a modern rose gold colour that has long been a hit in the world of jewellery, is now available in the packaging of Sipospack Ltd. And what is its origin? Carl Fabergé, the famous jeweller of the Tsars, was perhaps the first to use rose gold, also known as rose gold, in his ornamental creations. The beautiful soft pink colour is actually a mixture of three different metals: yellow gold, silver and copper. A hundred years later, it’s back in fashion again, in jewellery, clothing and packaging. It would look great in cosmetics, special proteins or any exclusive product.

Not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly

The glitter of the rose gold packaging is linked to the popular DoyPPack shape, the base packaging is made from a single material, polypropylene, so it is fully recyclable. The company promotes the recycling and recyclability of packaging materials through the production of their single-use products. This reduces the environmental impact and food waste. The company uses solar energy for its production, thus also taking care of the environment.

What makes it unique?

Custom graphics will tailor the packaging to the customer’s taste. This surface is highly printable. Sipospack Ltd’s printing technology can meet the most demanding requirements: with the HP Indigo 20000 printer, there is no graphic element that the customer cannot request, and in small runs economically.

QR code scanning is on!

There are a number of different elements that can be placed on the packaging, and it is worth choosing the QR code, which takes up less space but contains more information. Just download an app on your phone, which scans the QR code and decodes the message behind it.

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