New in the range: 100% paper packaging!

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New in the range: 100% paper packaging!

The new packaging at Sipospack Ltd. meets the most important requirements. The packaging, made of paper from natural materials, is environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also heat-sealable, so it meets all requirements.

Hungary has an EU commitment to recycle at least 65% by weight of packaging collected as waste by 31 December 2025, with the following targets: 50% of plastic packaging, 70% of metal, 70% of glass and 75% of paper and cardboard should be recycled. Sipospack Ltd. has always strived to meet these targets, however not in the future, but now, in the present, so it uses paper packaging in the most modern way, in line with today’s trends. Even though it knows that paper will not completely replace plastic in the market, it will be necessary for certain products, be it dry or confectionery.

The recyclable Sipos paper
Those who choose environmentally friendly packaging support the need to reduce the environmental impact of consumption. This packaging is not rubbish, but waste, and can be recycled or, in the worst case, decomposed to save the environment. Sipospack Ltd. has always been keen to keep these aspects in mind, and has therefore introduced new within the portfolio: the 100% paper packaging “Sipos paper”.

What are its characteristics?
The so-called “flexible packaging paper“, which is in the company’s portfolio under the brand name “Sipos paper” – a heat-sealable paper made from virgin fiber pulp with an oxygen, grease, and mineral oil barrier. This allows it to be used for primary and secondary packaging as it meets the most stringent food safety requirements for temperature-sensitive products. Its excellent running properties mean that it behaves on the converting and on the packaging line just like other materials: it prints well – either flexo or in small runs with digital printing, it can be resized. Its structure is stable. It has a high flex-crack resistance. It is flexible, easy to bend and elastic. It contains no optical brighteners.

Safe food packaging
Many products require packaging, but one of the most important areas is undoubtedly the packaging of food products. Food industry, where, in addition, food safety is a primary concern, packaging materials are the most demanding. In general process methods, paper has so far been used to an even lesser extent than plastic, but with the right machines and innovative changes this will increasingly become the future. One hundred percent paper packaging is the ideal primary or secondary packaging, Sipospack Ltd. recommends it primarily for food products.

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