Modern, completely unique packaging with AI

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Modern, completely unique packaging with AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives, with many applications and programs already running on it. Graphic design has not been left out of the equation either, with the recent emergence of several imaging applications that Sipospack Ltd. has been happy to take possession of.

With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can create unique images and illustrations on any subject and in any style. Sipospack Ltd. immediately recognized the importance of this in the packaging industry! It has already produced a few designs for food products, which with the help of AI have turned out astonishingly well.

What is needed for this? The right keywords, because AI needs to be guided by keywords that describe the product and the packaging style. We can use the solutions provided by the program as a basic idea, which can be modified by a graphic designer, or even become a finished visualisation after some modifications.

The programme is constantly “learning”: changing, refining. And it’s getting better, giving you the feeling of working with a real graphic designer. The possibilities offered by imaging artificial intelligence are now a reality for everyone, which is why Sipospack Ltd.

Just to try it out?

If you’re still unsure about whether this technique or style is the best option, go for digital printing. Sipospack Ltd’s printing technology is up to the most challenging of challenges: there is no graphic element that the customer cannot request, and in small runs, economically. Thanks to digital printing technology, there is no need to create a printing form (cliché), as the printing is done using a digitally generated PDF file. This gives you the flexibility to make unlimited graphic changes and speed up the process.

Of course, flexo printing is also available, in which case the larger number of items will make the decision more economical. Flexo printing is also a good choice if the material will be BOPP, PET, PE or aluminium. Recyclable materials can be chosen in both cases, the printing technology is not influenced by this today. Professionals are nowadays keen to stress the need to take into account the potential of artificial intelligence, as those who do not start using it may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

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