It can be opened without scissors!

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It can be opened without scissors!

Is it difficult to open the packaging of a product? You need a pair of scissors but don’t have one handy? We have the solution!


In everyday life we want to solve our problems as quickly as possible, and when it comes to packaging technology, one of the customer’s concerns is to be able to open the pouches quickly. But opening a tightly sealed pack usually requires a pair of scissors, which are not always at hand when you need them.

The company offers customised packaging solutions and has introduced a new technique fro January 1st: laser perforation of its pouches on request!

The Sipos easyopen™ feature is an innovation that makes opening the pouch so easy that a quick flick of the wrist is all that is needed! This gives the customer a unique consumption experience, which a product manufacturer can certainly turn into an advantage for his company.


What characterises this technique?

Laser perforation is an extremely precise technology, capable of either pattern or line perforation with engineering precision. The high-speed, four-head laser perforator can be used for any custom size from 50 micron diameter.


How is a pouch laser perforated?

Using the company’s printing technology, the desired pattern is printed onto the pouch – this can be done using digital technology or flexo printing. This is followed by laminating, where several structures are laminated together, this is called a sandwich structure.

Next comes perforation, where a thin strip of film is broken, a process that allows the packaging to be torn away as smoothly as possible, i.e. it can be easily removed.

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