Into the freezer with it!

Fagyasztott zöldségek Frigó elnevezéssel

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Into the freezer with it!

The packaging of frozen products differs from all other packaging in perhaps only one aspect: it must be able to withstand the cold. On the other hand, it has the same promotional value as any other packaging, so it’s very important how it looks!

Frozen products are now at the top of the popularity list, but like all foods, they need packaging. Quickly preserved vegetables retain their vitamin and mineral content much better, and consumers like to reach into the freezer when cooking because they can save a lot of time and money by buying in bulk once and thinking ahead. Larger packaging is also a factor, as is the ability to buy more of their favourite food during a promotion. The benefits of frozen products should be constantly communicated to customers and made more attractive. But how?

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Packaging should be the advertisement!

The expectations of our consumer society are also reflected in our desire to keep what we buy in the shops fit for consumption for a long time, the shelf life of food is increasingly extended and deep freezing supports this need. At the same time, packaging has a major influence on the choice of food when making a purchase. Sipospack Ltd. has high quality printing technology, with the existing HP Indigo 20000 printer there is no graphic element that the customer cannot request, and in small runs economically. The packaging will be customised to the customer’s taste with pre-designed bespoke graphics, even with batch production. The company’s
printing technology can meet the most demanding requirements, and flexo printing is also an option for larger quantities.

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Backed by green energy

Sipospack Ltd has been using solar energy since 2015, when it installed the first solar panels on the roof of its building. Most machines are powered by this energy. Using the electricity generated by the solar panels reduces costs and green energy is also beneficial for the environment

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