Why is 100% polypropylene Doypack packaging good?

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Why is 100% polypropylene Doypack packaging good?

“Avoid plastics, pack in paper instead” – that’s basically what is expected from the packaging technology today. However, this is not always possible. One only has to think of the foodstuffs that dry out quickly or even acidify if left exposed or wrapped in paper. So, what is the solution?


The expectations of our consumer society are also reflected in the fact that we want the goods we buy in the shop to stay fresh for a long time, and the shelf life of food is being increasingly extended. This is why it makes a difference what packaging is chosen, because it enables companies to meet consumers’ expectations. However, the popularity of paper is reduced by the fact that it is not always suitable for preserving the quality of food for long periods of time, so in many cases other solutions have to be chosen. But even then, public health requirements must be met and environmental protection must not be neglected. What is the right solution?

It looks like paper…

Increasingly, you’ll see paper-looking, sealable packaging with a pedestal design on store shelves. But a closer look reveals that it is paper on the outside, aluminium on the inside and plastic in the middle. The problem with this is that, as it is not a single piece of packaging, recycling it is either not possible or very difficult. This is why Sipospack Ltd. has recently been working to offer its customers packaging alternatives that, although not made of paper, meet environmental standards. Although it may look like paper on the outside, and it looks like paper on the outside, it is not. The Doyppack kraft offered by Sipospack Ltd. is made from one material, PP polypropylene, and because it is homogeneous, it is highly recyclable! By producing our single-use products, we support the recycling and recyclability of packaging materials. This reduces our environmental impact and our ecological footprint. At the same time, this packaging has a high gas barrier and strong vapour barrier properties, while being chlorine-free.

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Avoid labelling if possible!

In addition to high volume foil printing, there is also the possibility to print in small batches, but economically. The design of the packaging and the information on it is very important, so it is not always a matter of which solution and at what cost. Labelling is more disadvantageous for two reasons: firstly, it is a separate operation to apply the label to the outside, which takes extra time, and secondly, it adds another type of material to the packaging, which makes recycling more difficult or impossible. Digital printing technology can provide different graphic elements, a wide range of colours. Sipospack Ltd. uses the HP Indigo printer and its own graphic designer to help realise the different designs.

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