Doypack packaging instead of plastic jars

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Doypack packaging instead of plastic jars

What many people don’t realise is that the modern Doypack pouches protect the contents inside just as well as plastic jars. What benefits can we expect if we choose this for our goods? We’ll show you!

It doesn’t tip over, you can put any product in it and it’s very easy to open! In fact! We can even close it back up! Doypack packaging is deservedly popular, one of the most popular choices from Sipospack Ltd’s extensive portfolio. The easy tear feature, prepared with laser perforation, is not only a convenience that allows you to open the package in one movement, together with the zipper design, the package can be easily opened or closed back. This is very important for food products, as we can protect our products from sunlight, humidity or any kind of contamination. The consumer will not transfer the product to another container, so the advertising value of the packaging – which the customer prints on it – will be in view all the time.

What other benefits does it offer?

Unlike plastic jars, doypack pouches do not need to be labelled, they can be printed, which is not only more cost-effective, but the footed pouch can also provide a larger surface area for advertising, company details, even a QR code that can give the customer additional information or a special, unique experience with background content. It’s no fool’s errand to make! Sipospack Ltd’s printing technology is up to the most challenging of challenges: with the HP Indigo 20000 printer, there’s no graphic element that the customer can’t request, and in small runs economically too. The doypack pouch needs no separate box, it is aesthetically pleasing in itself.

Environmentally friendly? Recyclable?

Environmental protection is important to Sipospack Ltd. The packaging is made of a single material, polypropylene, so it is fully recyclable. The company supports the recycling of packaging materials by producing homogeneous products. This reduces the environmental impact and food waste. The company uses solar energy for its production, thus ensuring that as much green energy as possible is used in the production process. Unfortunately, in the case of the jar solution, recycling is less or not at all possible due to the label and the aluminium sealing foil. And if the user is not conscious enough? The numbers speak for themselves! The pouch weighs only a third of a jar, and if it ends up in the wrong place, it is still much less polluting. It’s also a great choice for those looking for a unique solution: it’s now available in rose gold!

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