From now on, Nutriversum products in Doypack packaging!

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From now on, Nutriversum products in Doypack packaging!

Nutriversum, a well-known company specialising in complex nutritional and dietary supplement ranges, has chosen Doypack packaging instead of plastic jars. There were other reasons for the change, apart from the attractive appearance.

It is important for all of us to support our health, whatever our age, and to supplement our meals with the right vitamins. How these tablets or powders are stored is, again, not an afterthought. The Nutriversum company has switched from plastic jars to modern Doypack packaging, the benefits of which have been previously reported on our blog.

Less plastic is needed!
The change has many benefits for the company, too, with more than two tonnes less plastic needed each year. This environmental awareness and green approach is becoming increasingly important for companies, and it also has an impact on cost efficiency. What else makes Doypack a better choice? In the future, there will no longer be any need for labels to be made separately for the box, as Doypack packaging will be digitally printed by Sipospack Ltd. With this technique, any graphic or colour scheme can be implemented, even the old form can be transferred one by one, but without the extra cost of materials.

A third positive feature of the new packaging is that it takes up much less space, as the pouch is flatter than a cylindrical box. In the long term, this will also have a positive impact on transport: more products will fit in a box, reducing logistics costs.

The customer experience
Doypack packaging is becoming increasingly popular, and one reason for this is that the customer also cares about what they take home or store their vitamins in. Doypack packaging has laser perforation, which means it can be easily opened without scissors and the pouches can be resealed in one easy movement.

It doesn’t matter what takes up space in the home either, with the packs standing firmly on their feet and taking up less space in cupboards than their plastic box counterparts of yore. Consumers are also increasingly demanding, and this is already influencing their purchases. According to recent research, packaging should be recyclable and not pollute the environment. The Doypack packs produced by Sipospack Ltd. meet this demand.

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