How is the Santa bag produced?

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How is the Santa bag produced?

Many little boots will be filled with Santa bags on 6 December, and all sorts of goodies inside. Where, from what and how are these bags made? We’ll tell you!

Sipospack Ltd. has been producing Santa bags since the 1990s, the graphics may look familiar because they haven’t changed since then. Designed by the owner himself, Gyula Sipos, the white bearded man in golden boots walks through the snow, holding a pine tree and carrying a bag of presents.

The top of the bag is covered with tiny white stars, so that the shape and colour of many of the gifts inside can be guessed. The market already knows it well and orders it in good time. Perhaps less well known, however, is the fact that the packaging is made from a single material, polypropylene, which is recyclable.

The potential of printing

The design is printed on the bag, and customers can choose between two technical solutions. Flexo printing has the advantage of being offered in large quantities at a lower price, while digital printing offers the advantage of being able to order small quantities or to change the pattern freely above a certain number of pieces.

Santa Claus bags can also be ordered from the company, either with a graphic taken from the bag or designed by the customer.


It’s the fifth year already

Sipospack Ltd. prepares for the holiday every year, and this year it organised a Santa Claus photo shoot for the fifth time.

The finished bag is filled with goodies and the Santa Claus gift is held by a well-known model. And what else is there to celebrate Santa Claus? Chocolate figurines, of course!


These are also packaged by the company, printed in colour on thin foil. It can’t be stressed enough that the packaging sells the product if it appeals to the customer! In the age of digital printing, there is no impossible, the customer’s individual ideas can be realised.

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