Printed Doypack packaging from a minimum of 1000 pieces

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Printed Doypack packaging from a minimum of 1000 pieces

Thanks to our unique HP Indigo 20 000 printing machine, digital printing becomes easier for brand owners. With the help of our state-of-the-art technology, preparation requires much less effort, as there is no need for a printing form, and printing is done, using a digitally generated PDF file. As a result, graphic modifications can be made without limitation from a minimum of 1,000 printed pieces.

About Doypack packaging

One of our most popular services includes designing and manufacturing Doypack packaging. This type of packaging can be used for storing liquid, pasty and chunky products without any problems, and we can also prepare its resealable version. Due to the efficiency of Doypack packaging, it can also be a good option to replace paper labeling.

doypack csomagolás

Environmentally friendly design

In addition to the traditional structure and material, Doypack bags are available in an environmentally friendly design. The 100% recyclable PP (polypropylene) packaging is a frequently chosen type because consumers are constantly & consciously looking for environmentally friendly solutions. With the help of SIPOS DOYPPACK, our partners can gain a market advantage and easily compete with products sold in less environmentally friendly packaging.

Our IPrint digital printing house provides flexible planning for our partners. Short-run printing allows you to launch your products as quickly as possible and then present them at exhibitions or other promotional events.

Based on feedback from customers and consumers, our clients can change the appearance of the packaging at any time in order to achieve the perfect end result. We always guarantee our customers quick handling of these tasks.

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