This is how we created the limited edition festive packaging of Gyermelyi

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This is how we created the limited edition festive packaging of Gyermelyi

Last Thursday, the latest episode of SIPOS TV was released, in which we presented how we created the packaging of two popular products of Gyermelyi – Hungary’s major pasta producer. The special festive packaging was created not only because of Christmas but also on the occasion of the company’s 50th birthday.

The festive look of the special Gyermelyi’s packaging made by the SIPOSPACK team is thanks to its remarkable “Christmassy” design, and the company’s half-century birthday that is proudly marked (50 years old) on the packaging right above the logo.

Flexible and quick delivery with the help of digital technology

To show you more of how we created the festive packaging, we personally visited Germelyi’s pasta factory (in the village of Gyermely), where we talked to Csaba Pósfai, the factory’s director, about the implementation of the project. Csaba told us that flexible and quick delivery was mainly thanks to digital printing, and that is how they could guarantee that their products with limited-edition packaging reach the store shelves long before Christmas. Unlike flexo printing, which is also available at our IPrint printing press, digital printing does not require a printing form or cliché, while being more economical, also increases the time of production.

In our video, we also revealed that the project could be completed in just 10 days, which means that unique packaging ideas like this can be brought to market extremely quickly. According to Csaba, digital printing can help to implement many other solutions, and some of them will certainly be carried out by them, as well. According to the factory manager, during product development, it is essential to experiment, compare different variations of the product, and test them in a real market environment, to where the least “bumpy” path leads through digital technology.

Smaller ecological footprint with SIPOSPACK

Our unique packaging solutions are not only special to look at. At SIPOSPACK, the use of environmentally friendly technologies is not only a trend, but something very normal that guarantees that we leave a smaller ecological footprint behind us. When making its limited-edition packaging for Gyermelyi, we used recyclable materials in order to put less strain on our planet and our environment.

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